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        YMIN Al-capacitor Gives Best Support for Xiaomi GaN 65W Slim-Q Charger

        Writer:shanghai YONGMINGSource:YMIN技术中心 Number of visits: Date:2020年3月17日 14:00

        1. Xiaomi 65W GaN slim-Q charger Goes on Sale

        Recently, Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, released its new Xiaomi 65W GaN charger at the Xiaomi Online Live Press Conference by Xiaomi Chairman and CEO Mr Jun Lei. This charger uses gallium nitride technology and comes with a USB Type-C interface that supports 65W Max fast charge. Just days ago before the product announcement, Chongdiantou.com completed the open analysis and gave the report about this world smallest 65W 1A1C GaN charger.

        The power adapter measures 28mm*33mm*65mm, which is half the size of normal 45W charger, 91gram weight, featuring a quite high power density.  “This is the smallest 65W 1A1C GaN charger in the world” Said by Chongdiantou.com Manager.



        GaN charger USB-C interface supports up to 65W while used as signal output, and USD-A can provide up to 18W. During double output, USB-C power drops to 54W, in total both can provide 63W.It also supports charging tablets, most notebooks that support the PD protocol. This is a great choice for the on-the-go lifestyle.


        2, Shanghai Yongming Electronic provide the best solution for Xiaomi 65W GaN charger


        From Chongdiantou.com report we can find 5PCS electrolytic capacitors from Shanghai Yongming Electronic company. 3pcs of KCX 400V33UF 8*10 used as input ripple filtering and 2pcs conductive polymer capacitor NPX series on output side.



        Yongming Wang, ECO of Shanghai Yongming Electronic said: “We designed KCX 400V33UF 10*18 specially for new generation quick charger, the standard size in this industry is 12.5*25 or 16*20.”


        Shanghai Yongming Electronic launched KCX series capacitor for quick charger with shell life 3000hrs under -55℃~105℃ in 2019, high featuring in miniaturized, anti thunder shock, low L/C, low ESR, and high ripple current.“YMIN” LK series 35V47μF 5mm*11mm also used in PWM chips, guaranteeing 6000hrs shell life under -55℃~105℃, high frequency low ESR, anti high ripple current and AEC-Q200 qualified.


        Especially to deserve to be mentioned, “YMIN” KCX series capacitor was qualified in BASEUS quick charger supply chain as well, assisting in developing 65W 2C1A GaN quick charger.  



        Output side we selected NPX 16V270μF 5*11mm for USB-C and NPX 25V820μF 8*14mm for USB-C. The working life of NPX series is 2000hrs under -55℃~105℃, high reliability、low ESR、small size and high ripple current. This part has been used in TORRAS 30W PD quick charger.


        Chongdiantou.com said with YMIN miniature sized capacitor makes 65W GaN going to mass production be possible. 



        3, Conclusion


        “GaN (gallium nitride), as a new semiconductor material has brought unimaginable effects to the charger”, said by Mr Jun Lei continuing, “ It enables the charger to become extremely small and the charging efficiency extremely high.”GaNFast technology brings the industry a small, efficient charger that can quickly charge electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops


        In order to guarantee high power work, The key components in the charger is transformer and filtering capacitors. Shanghai Yongming Electronic company will keep providing the smallest size and high quality capacitor solutions for USD PD quick charger to match customers requirements.

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